Cancion el patio pablo

Cancion el patio pablo

Pablo López – El Patio | Coreografía de Sebastián Linares

Cuando se trata de cantantes de jazz, Billie, Ella, Sarah y Nina pueden ser las favoritas, pero este estilo vocal está salpicado de una serie de cantantes excepcionales dispuestos a dejar su huella en este género legendario. ¿Podemos seguir llamándolo jazz? ¿O es que el jazz tal y como lo conocemos está cambiando? Sea como fuere, eso no hace que estos vocalistas sean menos increíbles. Así que, sin más preámbulos, he aquí diez mujeres que están dejando huella en el mundo del jazz.

Junto con su antiguo patrón Miles Davis, el pianista Herbie Hancock es el otro padre fundador del jazz-fusión. En 1973, su álbum “Head Hunters” estableció las Sagradas Escrituras de la más exitosa unión de improvisación jazzística y trance psicodélico funk. Afros y botas de plataforma por doquier.

Tras vender 125 millones de álbumes en todo el mundo, incluidos unos 30 millones de copias de su “Black Album”, Metallica es una de las sensaciones pop más insólitas del último medio siglo. ¿Cómo es posible que un grupo de heavy metal con una estructura de canciones tan complicada acabe a la altura de la música de artistas como Madonna y Michael Jackson? Siguiendo sus instintos y con pura determinación. Volvamos a las raíces de la banda de heavy metal más famosa de la historia.

El Frigo song parody of El Patio by Pablo Lopez

I think it’s a funny play on words. “The patio of my house is private” that is, only for the use and enjoyment of the neighbors of the house. However, when it rains it gets wet like the others, so it won’t be so particular, will it?

Today we will deal with the topic that has already started in this post: the letter. Without going into semantic analyses, which give a lot of juice, today we will see the main lyrics for El patio de mi casa, which are circulating on the Internet. Donations of versions not yet published in web format are accepted.

1.- First the players stand in a circle. This way everyone sees everyone and people are very controlled. There is that old unwritten rule, moreover, that if there are many people the group is divided until there are no more than six or seven in a circle: very consistent with the laws that prohibited meetings. Few people and well controlled. If possible, one childcare worker per circle.

2.- You start to turn clockwise, that is, TO THE RIGHT. Suspicious, isn’t it? Each player moves to the left, so they don’t realize that the corral turns RIGHT. Ignorance is strength, my friends!


Good morning troubadour, good start of the week, to all the bee network.The professor’s article arouses interest. There is a typo when he quotes that “The Cuban Revolution, which proclaimed its socialist character in 1951”. That was 1961, wasn’t it? “It has been a long, long time since the United States has had a coherent policy for Latin America”. I thought why should that be so. Are they not just another country in the American and world context? And they should participate in it with the same rules as the others. The fact that they or the rest of the countries allow them certain “deferences” does not necessarily mean that they are “different”. Thinking about what was obviously not a slip of the tongue by John Kerry, what a pitiful, repulsive role-playing. Calling other nations backyard is embarrassing. Or maybe he has such a beautiful backyard at home that the wrong one is one (it was an irony).I am checking if the computer takes the Leonardo Padura’s article, because it gave error.Abrazos

El Patio – Laura Pausini

Cuban troubadour Pablo Milanés presents his tour ‘Días de Luz’. It is a staging with an intimate format, although no less surprising and emotional, where there will be new compositions such as ‘Día de luz’, a song to the current uncertainties and love as his refuge, or the most recent ‘Esperando el milagro’, which invites to a deep reflection on the tragic pandemic that has devastated the planet. But there will be no shortage of his classic songs such as: ‘El breve espacio en que no estás’, ‘Yolanda’, ‘Ya ves’ or ‘Para vivir’, which continue to define the nature and uniqueness of his troubadour soul.