Come over when youre sober

Come over when youre sober

Residente – René (Official Video)

“I am not poor, I am sober, light of baggage, living with just enough so that things do not rob me of my freedom”, he acknowledges as his life motto in an interview with Carmen Aristegui at his residence in Rincón del Cerro, in Montevideo.

For him, presidents “we have to live as the majority lives, and not as the minority lives”, and he is forceful when he says that “those who like money very much should be removed from politics; they are a danger”.

“In my way of punishing, if they told me the truth, I have nothing more to punish, but that is not what the majority of my society thinks… they want punishment. And I would like to have the truth. For the truth to be known is a strong punishment, very strong”,

Maluma – Sobrio (Letra/Lyrics)

Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 (a menudo abreviado como COWYS Pt. 1), es el álbum de estudio debut del cantante y rapero estadounidense Lil Peep y el único álbum que se publicó en vida. Fue lanzado el 15 de agosto de 2017 por AUTNMY vía AWAL. El álbum fue apoyado por cuatro singles: “Benz Truck (гелик)”, “The Brightside”, “Awful Things” y “Save That Shit”. Lil Peep murió exactamente tres meses después del lanzamiento del álbum. Tras la muerte de Lil Peep, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 alcanzó el número 38 en el Billboard 200 de Estados Unidos.

Maluma – Peligrosa (Official Video)

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Brytiago Jay Wheeler – Undressing You

“Yalal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273), the greatest of the Islamic mystics, was an extraordinary love poet. He was born in Afghanistan, passed through Iran, and lived and died in Konia, Turkey. He was a learned professor of theology, zealous in his spiritual exercises. Everything changed in his life when he encountered the mysterious and fascinating figure of the wandering monk Shams of Tabriz. As it is said in the Sufi tradition, it was “an encounter between two oceans”. That mysterious master initiated Rumí into the mystical experience of love.  Rumí’s life changed radically after he met the dervish Shams Tabrizi.  The name Shams al-Din means the “Sun of Religion”, and Rumi uses the symbolism of the name, which refers to the inner union of the master with God. Let us look at three examples of this:

The flame and passion for Shams Tabrizi’s friendship and the melancholy he felt for him inspired Rumi to write one of the most wonderful and extensive mystical works in Persian literature, the “Divan-e-Shams-e-Tabrizi” (the Poemarium of Shams Tabrizi), written in monorhythmic verse (gazal). Shams Tabrizi, whom Rumi held as an example of a perfect man, which has a more than human meaning in Sufism, made him neglect his occupations in the Sufi brotherhood, something Rumi himself refers to in his poems.