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The whale island incident in Sindbad’s first voyage, from Baghdad and Basra, can be compared to the whales described by Pliny the Elder(23 AD-79 AD) and Solinus, measuring four yugads, 200 cubits long; Al Kazwini describes a similar story of a colossal tortoise. Such Oriental stories are probably the original whale island in the Irish-Romanic voyage of St Brandan.”[5] The explorer Brandan the navigator, in his travels, describes anchoring on the back of a giant whale on an Easter Sunday, mistaking it for an island. The instant his monks started a fire to cook their food, the “island” began to swim away and the sailors had to run for their boats.

Many modern legends about this giant whale were inspired by the sinking of the whaling ship known as the Essex which was sunk by a giant sperm whale in 1820. The story of this encounter with the giant whale, as well as the story of the crew reporting their experiences on a deserted island after the incident, gained international attention and inspired many depictions of the whale in literature and later in film.

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Fuente: tithebarn.files.wordpress.com Quien perdona todas tus iniquidades, Quien sana todas tus enfermedades; Salmo 103:3 (NASB) La Biblia dice que por un solo hombre; Adán, entró el pecado en el mundo y la muerte por el pecado; y así la muerte pasó a todos los hombres, por cuanto todos pecaron”. (Romanos 5:12) Adán con su esposa Eva, las criaturas de la corona de Dios fueron colocados en el Jardín del Edén donde vivieron y trabajaron en el…

Fuente: i.ytimg.com . Los pueblos son el producto de unas pocas parejas. Un pueblo puede ser el producto de un hombre y su esposa o de unos pocos hombres y sus esposas que dejaron su lugar de residencia original para ir a otra tierra donde prácticamente no vivía nadie. Despejaron el monte y construyeron casas improvisadas. Empezaron a tener hijos y se multiplicaron. El nombre de la aldea puede ser el de los más ancianos que…

FUENTE: i0.wp.com/timburt.org Jesús comienza a hablar a sus discípulos de cómo las cosas se irán calentando y aumentando gradualmente hasta llegar al tiempo que llamamos los Últimos Días. El Libro de Mateo continúa, dando más y más detalles y pistas de tiempo hasta que llegamos a la “gran pista”, la más grande de todas. En Mateo 24:32, Jesús dice lo siguiente “Aprended ahora la parábola de la higuera: Cuando su…

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In Alien Destruction, Very Large looked almost the same as in Alien Force and Alien Supremacy, except that the red parts were colored to match his depiction in the original series.

Very Large can fire a powerful cosmic ray from the outer edge of his right hand by crossing his arms together. His cosmic rays are powerful enough to defeat the Incursean conquest ray.

Very Large has enhanced speed, similar to XLR8 and Fasttrack, although it leaves a red and white trail behind.9 Very Large also has a massive stride, so it can reach its destination faster than other aliens.

Very Large can be impaired by high-pitched noises, such as the sonic screams of a Sonorosian, if they get close enough to its ears.12 This weakness was first mentioned when Shocksquatch made a failed attempt to attack a mutant to’kustar using a megaphone made from Echo Echo’s DNA.13

Mad Ben’s Very Big is nearly identical to Cousin Ben’s Very Big in Omniverse, except for the orange replacing the eyes and red parts. He also wears gray shoulder pads with orange spikes, spiked shoes, and orange wraps around his forearms and calves. The blades of his arm and head are also jagged.