I can t remember to forget you

I can t remember to forget you

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This article was co-written by Allison Broennimann, PhD. Dr. Allison Broennimann is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where she provides psychotherapy and neuropsychology services. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Broennimann specializes in depth psychotherapy in order to provide solution-focused treatments for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, adjustment issues, traumatic stress, and life phase transitions. In addition, as part of her neuropsychology practice, she integrates depth psychotherapy and cognitive rehabilitation for those recovering from traumatic brain injury. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Palo Alto University. She is board certified by the California Board of Psychology and is a member of the American Psychological Association.

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En este trabajo se analiza la relación entre los recuerdos traumáticos y las habilidades de afrontamiento para afrontarlos. Los recuerdos traumáticos son difíciles de integrar en la historia de vida del superviviente y pueden interferir significativamente en el funcionamiento social, educativo y laboral. Desde un punto de vista psicopatológico, se distingue entre recuerdos normales y traumáticos. Se analizan las habilidades de afrontamiento adaptativas para lidiar con los recuerdos traumáticos, como la evitación cognitiva, la exposición terapéutica a los recuerdos traumáticos o el perdón. Pero también hay afrontamientos desadaptativos, como la nostalgia, los sentimientos de odio y venganza o las conductas autodestructivas, que deben tenerse en cuenta para explicar las dificultades de recuperación en algunos pacientes. Por último, se examinan las estrategias de regulación cognitiva de las emociones y el papel de la resiliencia y el crecimiento postraumático en algunos pacientes para afrontar los recuerdos traumáticos. Se comentan las implicaciones de este estudio para futuras investigaciones en este campo.

La memoria es la capacidad de fijar, conservar y evocar las vivencias que una persona acumula en su vida. Sin embargo, la codificación de la información no es casi nunca como una grabación fotográfica. Los recuerdos no constituyen una reconstrucción, sino una representación del pasado. La importancia de la memoria radica en que nos permite relacionar el presente con el pasado y proyectar hacia el futuro nuestros pensamientos e ideas (Uzer & Brown, 2017).

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Having problems related to memory or concentration (sometimes described as mental fog or chemo brain) depends on factors such as the type of treatment you receive as well as your age and other health factors. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause difficulty thinking, concentrating or remembering things. The same is true for some types of biological therapies and radiation therapy to the brain.

Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and advise you on ways to manage or treat these problems. Treating conditions such as malnutrition, anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia may also help.

It is important for you or a family member to tell your health care team if you are having difficulty remembering things, thinking or concentrating. Below are some steps you can take to manage minor memory or concentration problems:

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The Tango Poets of the Golden AgeThe lyrics of tangos are a key aspect of the genre, painting a picture of Twentieth Century urban life in Argentina. Like many genres of popular song, love and romance are major themes here, yet the tango’s focus on loss, nostalgia, and the immigrant experience give it a distinct place among the forms of modern song. The translations here are made a bit loosely, to capture the mood and sense of the lines, and to render the English a touch more singable.

Quiero verte una vez más (1939)Music: Mario CanaroLyrics: José María ContursiEvening that invites me to converse with the memories…sorrow of waiting for you and crying in this confinement!So much in my bitterness I look for you without finding you when…when, life, I die to forget you!I want to see you once more, my beloved, and be ecstatic in the gaze of your pupils!I want to see you once more, although you tell me that everything is already over and it is useless to remove the ashes of a love. …I want to see you once more-I am so sad! and I cannot remember why you left…I want to see you once more, and in my agony I will feel a relief and forgotten in my quiet corner I will die! Night that manages to envelop my thoughts…Complaints that searching for our yesterday are carried by the wind! Blood that has poured the heart when evoking you…fever that sears my reason without forgetting you!