Music to watch boys to

Music to watch boys to

Singing songs for children

You will explain to them in the singing classes that the breathing for singing is the same breathing they used to do inside their mother’s belly, which is diaphragmatic breathing, and also the breathing when they sleep, that is to say, in a lying down position.

The most effective group vocal test is to propose sounds for them to imitate, which should be performed with the different notes: round, quarter, quarter and eighth notes. They should also do it standing and walking, but the most important thing is to make sure that they are breathing correctly. If possible, tell them to place their hands at the beginning of the diaphragm.

To introduce them to the harmony, divide the group in two, and ask one group to play the note you propose. The second group will be asked to play another note but in major third, for example: C-E simultaneously. You can also do this with the major thirds of your choice, and you can also do it with minor thirds, for example C-Eb. This exercise stimulates intonation and concentration.

Pipi popo song

The process of the project as such was cool because it was not something rushed, nor did we need to speed up the pace, although we only had a certain amount of days. Little by little it took shape, until we realized that we were getting to have something special.

And most of them were falling in time. Being in Miami, a certain artist happened to be in Miami too, as it ended up happening with Nada and I started working with Lauren and by chance C Tangana ended up in Miami in those days, so we decided to get into the studio and the Nada track came out, the same with Alvaro Diaz, with whom I have been working with him for a while, just talking with Dalex and working with him and seeing that we have not done anything together so we decided to do it that day and what better than to make it part of the project. Same with Cazzu and Mozart working on Lento. Sean Paul, is not a new talent, but we felt that he could give that touch that would elevate the song to where it was supposed to be, so the process was very cool, very bearable, like there was nothing left over, little by little things fell into place naturally and when we saw that we had a good amount, we said that this was the complete process, so we decided that with 7 songs the project was ready and we were ready to go.

Adventist children’s songs

And photos, videos and comments made on the Internet are usually not recoverable once they have been posted. Even if a teen thinks he or she has deleted them, it is impossible to completely erase them from the Internet.

Consider making a “digital social media contract” with your child, an actual contract that you both sign. In it, your child will agree to protect your privacy and intimacy, to consider your reputation, and not to post personal information. He or she will also agree not to use technology to hurt others through gossip or bullying.

Videos for children

Have you ever noticed how a whirlwind of negative thoughts can invade us when we feel worried, stressed or nervous? It is normal to anticipate an uncertain future and imagine the worst possible situations. The antidote is to be aware of our thoughts and emotions, and return to the present moment. This helps us to center and stabilize ourselves in times of uncertainty.

It is normal to feel helpless at this time. One way to regain power is to remember that social distancing is a collective action to protect ourselves. You are doing a great thing simply by staying at home. Listen to the following loving-kindness meditation that accounts for this compassionate choice.

It is normal to wake up during the night; the key is to accept it calmly and without getting upset. Use this time to practice some positive relaxation techniques for the body, mind and your well-being.